Dorsey Auto Sales
17815 E Appleway/Sprague Ave
Spokane Valley, Washington
(509) 534-0336
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Nearly 90 years in business Tom Dorsey Motors... Auto Sales are Still Going Strong Give Us a Call @ 509-534-0336 We Are stocking Top Quality Cars That All Are Serviced and Safety Inspected.

Welcome! The used car market today is making it nearly impossible to find quality used cars to fill a car lot for a price that a customer can afford or even fathom. DAS can no longer find enough of these type cars to sell to pay the overhead for this type of retail location. TA Dorsey will be changing to an “order and find you the vehicle of your dreams” type operation. Therefore DAS will no longer carry a large inventory as they have in the past. Labrosse Auto Sales will be filling the current lot with their inventory And Tom Dorsey Motors. Come on down to 17815 E Appleway Ave in the Spokane Valley! 509-534-0336
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